High-pressure cleaning of drains and sewers for both new installations and existing structures.

Video inspections and also locate blockages in lines 

Provide preventative maintenance and several specialized underground services

Hydro excavation in sensitive and restrictive areas where gas lines, power cables and water services already exist below grade

Who we are

Welcome to Eye-View web site

Eye-View Drain believes it to be a privilege to provide video inspection and cleaning services to our clients. We are committed to delivering these services with excellence and in a prompt and responsive manner.
We strive to anticipate our client’s needs and exceed their expectations. We are fair, honest, courteous and above all professional in all of our dealings. We are there for our clients when they need us and we stand behind our work at all times. We take great pride in our reputation.

We have been serving a large base of industrial, commercial and residential clients for over twenty years.










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Top Reasons Why Choose Us!

Detailed Services

Flushing & Cleaning

High-Pressure Water Jetting to remove grease build-up, scale and general debris from existing drains

Locate & Identify Problems

We use high quality & specialized equipment to quickly locate & identify minor to complex problems 

Preventive Maintenance


Flushing of your drains on a regular basis to keep them clean and functioning properly to prevent any major back-ups and flooding in.

Specialized Service


Hydro Excavation is used to excavate without causing any damages to Utilities (Gas, Water, Hydro)

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Eye-View has been in the Drain business since 1990. We provide 5 distinctly different Drain Services.

Video Inspection

From 2 foot to 6 foot€ diameter drains using a mini camera.

Cleaning Drains

using high pressure water and many specialized Flusher nozzles

Locating Blockages

In pipe to pinpoint their precise location and depth



Tracing Drain Systems

To determine location direction and destination



Preventive Maintenance

In drain systems where build-up is predictable, typically in the food and hospitality industry