Sewer Services

Eye-View expanded into the sewer business in 2003 with the acquisition of mainline cameras. With remote controlled capabilities to pan and tilt they can inspect sewers up to 60” in diameter. Mainline cameras are used in both new installation and existing structures, including sanitary and storm sewers.


New Installations

Municipalities generally require new installations to be inspected at construction sites:

  • After pipe is laid in the ground
  • Before houses are occupied, and
  • Before the municipality assumes responsibility for a subdivision.
  • These are completed using approved municipal software.

We are also Water Resource Centre (WRC) compliant. Eye-View operators are trained and certified by the North American Association of Pipeline Inspectors (NAAPI).


Existing Structures

Existing sewers, storm drains and other pipe systems are often decades old. The difficult task of locating and identifying obstructions is made possible by the many capabilities of our cameras and equipment.

  • All Eye-View inspections include DVD of VCR video documentation and a printed report.
  • Flushing, when required, is done with a combination truck.

Please email or contact us to learn more about the experience and capabilities that we offer.